Amazing Features

TAV Mobile contains so many different features now. We aim to enhance user satisfaction and experience. You can see added features title at below:

City Guide

Information of the most popular malls, museums, and restaurants at the city you’ll travel.

Special Offers

Updated sales and promotions at duty free.


Car Parking and Valet Service rates and information for each airport.


You can find location of all the stores at the airports.


Location of Restaurants, Cafes, Lounges, Ticket Sale Offices, Lost & Found Offices, ATMs at the airport. You can also use the currency converter.


Transportation information to downtown by HAVAS, Bus, Train, Taxi, Rent a Car, etc.

Best handbook for your travel

TAV Mobile is like a handbook includes all your needs while your travel. It guides you professionally during your trip. We add so many new features as well as the functional and conceptual in the last version of TAV Mobille. We aim to enhance user satisfaction and experience with that features. It based the following the latest developments and innovations in the technology. All new features listed below:

  • Smart Search
    Manipulating search feature smarter. Providing users to get results with related with search and access all detail in app via search field quickly.
  • Smart Zone
    Informing passengers of where the nearest cafe or restaurant inside airports. Also notify passenger about deals or campaigns as long as the airport.
  • Smart Watches
    Application supports iWatch now. The passenger can check and follow their fligt from their watches.
  • Offline Access
    Provides passengers to access content without internet connectivity except flight info and some tools.
  • Trend Application Design
    Implementing trending design as material or flat, enhancing the user experience.
  • Analytic Reports Integration
    Presents application's user population and gives detail about them via reports.
  • Translator (Language Assistant)
    Integrating language assistant to get passengers’ answers without knowing the local languages at airports.


You can see screenshots of TAV Mobile application at below:

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